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We are just ordinary people who have lived  a few years longer than some. And a few less than some others. Put another way, we’ve been around the block a few times. As we walked, we did pick up a few ideas that have helped us. We offer some of our findings in the hope that a few will maybe help you. Whether you are older or younger than us. Above all though, what we are  is careful about how we treated our spirits first. Then our minds and bodies.

Over the years, as we strolled. so we began to look around. We noticed that how we thought and acted had a pretty big impact on how we got along with others. Today’s world is a whole lot different to what it was like when we first began our walk. Things move a lot faster for one thing. Now this can be both good and bad. Sure, we get there faster. But what the heck do we do when we get there? Who knows. Who’s there that we know? What are they doing? Can we join in? Or do we have to only watch and comment.  And above all, do we want to run and rush? Or just stroll in health?

That’s where this website comes in. We have looked at lots of things. Now we are adding our penny’s worth to the conversation. Some of the things we say will interest you in a positive way. We’re pretty happy about that. But we know that sometimes we might get right up your nose. How do we feel about that? In this time of political correctness, some will expect us to keep apologising. Well, that’s not gonna happen. What we offer is the chance to express your opinion. In a nice way, of course.

The way you view the world is sometimes the same as ours. Other times it’s just different. Both are what life’s all about. As the bible tells us, “when I was a child I thought as a child”. Now we are adults, so we think like adults. In the sense that we will all have our opinions, likes, and dislikes. And that’s great. We need to acknowledge and respect the views of others. Even when we personally think that their view is crazy.

Our view is that all we need to do is keep strolling. Keep moving down the road. Keep looking around to see what’s changing. We may have a few more wrinkles and we may not see and hear as well as we once did But so what to that. See how the changes in our world are impacting on us, and on others around us. By around us, we mean those both near and dear to us, as well as those with whom we may only have incidental contact. Or maybe those with whom we come into contact by digital and other electronic means.

Look around. Observe that no matter where in the world we live or may travel to, we all need to be constantly aware of how we live. How we interact with others. What we eat and drink. How we exercise. How we think and act. How we entertain ourselves. How we stroll in health.

Earlier we said that we are older than some and younger than others. So we expect that our interests may sometimes be different from yours. So we can’t be all things to all people. This being a fact of life, we have decided to limit the scope of what we will write about and offer. We can’t really  do anything else, when you think about it

This website contains or will contain, an eclectic mix of the information and hopefully useful  products we have managed to gather together. We are a small group so gathering everything is beyond us. We offer you the results of our best efforts. If our humble best is insufficient for you, then we wish you every success in your search for enlightenment.

Like everyone, we do not appreciate spam or being spammed. On that, we do check all comments and dump all crap into the trash bin. So if that is your motive for visiting, then we invite you to leave. NOW! And take your rubbish with you when you go!

We welcome your interaction with us if your intentions are honorable, and just. If that is you, then please feel free to send us a message, using the Contact Form below. Please make sure that the contact details you provide are correct. Otherwise we will not be able to reply.


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