Can Food Allergies Be Cured?

What Can We Do to Cure Our food Allergy?

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Allergies With a Psychological Origin

Food allergy is one of the easiest conditions to cure when we are talking about psychological methods. Perhaps. However, it is recommended to use other methods that are widely available. It is because one treatment may be effective for one person, but not to others. Our psychological make-up varies from one to another. From the points of view of some psychologists, food allergy has something to do with our emotions. Our  experiences or illnesses from years ago. However, most people are usually unconscious about it.

Take for instance; when you were a child, you have developed headaches or nausea from bugs that you have picked up. Yet you may still associate it with the food you have eaten recently. If you experience the same thing in the days to come, it could bring back the same emotional upset and symptoms of the disease.

To eliminate food allergy which have their basis in psychological origins, you need to successfully send the message to your subconscious mind to break that association. You can get the help of a hypnotist or a knowledgeable friend about the process. As usual, discuss ith with your doctor first and get a referral to a recognised professional.

You may need to dig deeper to find out the origin of your food allergy. It is necessary to determine the first incident that connects food allergy into your life. Your subconscious state definitely knows what had happened that first time and for sure that would have been  likely to be highly traumatic. But you don’t need to be upset again, you were young before. Now you are more mature, your way of thinking has also changed. Take away all your negative emotions that you have felt before because of food allergy, and start to think recovery from that distressful situation.

More often, it can be caused by what somebody said (it can include your parent, doctor, teacher, or another child) or something you witnessed in connection with food allergy. Whatever it is, there is something that was imprinted subconsciously and still operates presently. Thus you don’t want to have such a condition. If you know the origin of food allergy, then it is easy to find the cure.

Talking to your  subconscious mind and letting it do what the therapist says,  needs a trigger and a command. Your therapist can tell it to disconnect all the things that are associated to your food allergy in all the levels of your subconscious mind so that the condition will never bother you again.

Yes that probably sounds a bit woo woo, but it does work. And remarkably well.

The following is my take on how it may be done.


Sometimes, a friend can do it for you. Yet it’s much better to try it when accompanied by a trained professional. But I’m not going to pursue that here. Sufficient so say that the method involves a type of meditation. For some, meditation has nasty connotations. Yet it can be argued that any form of inner focus is a form of meditation. Including prayer.

Your subconscious mind is not considered a reasonable mind but a mind which follows order. Some psychologists say that our subconscious mind is like a never ending “video” of our life thus far. It records every thought and action we have ever had. It them compares our most recent thought against the “video”, in order to produce our current action or reaction.

Try to imagine eating the foods you are allergic to. Extend your imagination (aka your subconscious mind) until the food allergy symptoms appear, and then try to observe your feelings. If you feel the symptoms, then it shows that it is in your mind. This procedure can be done repeatedly until the results become positive.

This method provides no guarantees, however it can make a difference. Food allergies can be recurrent during an emotional upset. Just do the procedure all over again, until your upsetting episode is over.

Food allergies with psychological origin can often be treated in this way. But still, it is advisable to consult a doctor.

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