Is Stroll in Health An Adult Site?

Stroll in Health is definitely not an adult website in the sense that that term is currently used. Our purpose is to provide useful information, products and services to those of us who are now aged 50 and more.

Does Stroll in Health Sell Physical Products?

Stroll in Health did not originally sell physical products in the way that an offline shop does. We do, however, now offer a small range of physical products that we think will be of use to you as you stroll around. These may be ordered on thei website and will be delivered directly to you. We may also  from time to time recommend both physical and digital products that are obtainable from other online marketers. We may then derive a commission from that other online marketer, should you make a purchase based on our recommendation.

What Products and Services Does Stroll in Health Offer?

Stroll in Health offers a range of physical and digital products and services in a range of different categories. Each of these are or may be of interest to visitors who are aged 50 and over. Although these products and services may well be of interest to any of us whose view on life is that believe they are still less than 50.

Where is Stroll in Health Located

Stroll in Health management is located in an outer suburb of Melbourne Australia. We are governed by the laws of the State of Victoria, and Australia. For these reasons, and others,  we cannot and do not offer any formal advice.

Does Stroll in Health Derive Commissions From Products Promoted

Yes, Stroll in Health may derive commissions from the sales of the various products and services it may from time to time be promoting. Indeed you should always assume that we will do so. You should know however, that the prices we list for our products will always include any commission we may be fortunate enough to earn when you buy a product or service from this website.

Does Stroll in Health Provide Legal Advice

Absolutely not. We are not qualifies as either lawyers or accountants. Nor do we hold any kind of accreditation as medical advisers. We do not provide any legal, financial or medical advice that may be relied upon. As stated earlier, we are not lawyers, accountants, financial planners or medical practitioners. We are here to provide general information and to entertain. Yes, we may provide information and products that may, in turn,  provoke you to seek more formal advice to see how a matter may or may not affect you. You should always seek qualified  advice on matters that affects, or may affect, you.