How Can Skinny People Eat Lots?

Or How Come Fat People Can’t Eat Much?

Hello from Jonson H

This is something that always bugs me. I had a guy working for me way back who ate enough to feed a horse. Yet he was skinny. While all I had to do was think about food to put on a pound. Talk about not being fair.

My attitude to life is that the playing field shouild always be level. It’s not, but why not in this case?

Why are you skinny though you eat much?

Because people have varying metabolic rates.

There may be something of mystery about all of this to you. There sure is to me. The situation for some of us goes like this.You eat like a horse and never think about weight-loss programs because you do not need one. Since your body is like skin stretched over bone You wish you had a rounder butt and some more curves, or maybe wider shoulders. Depending on whether you are woman or a man. You hate looking like a walking skeletal system.

Or at the other extreme, you are constantly starving because everything you eat seems to go straight to your stomach or bottom. It doesn’t seem to matter which diet you try or use, nothing seems to help.

In dieting, the question of weight control is not the only issue.

Why do body shapes and sizes vary?

TOur body shapes vary because we have different metabolism or metabolic rates to be specific. Our age, sex, amount of muscle compared to fat, and the amount of exercise we do in our daily living are different. And they are the determinants of metabolic rate. These things make our body shape different from each other too.

That’s pretty obvious if we just look around. Some of us are as shapeless as rulers while others of us grow new muscles just by breathing. Then there are those of us who are in the middle. WIt does not mean that if one looks thin, it means that she is so choosy when it comes to food. There are instances of genetic or hormonal factors affecting metabolism too. That is why it is a wonder for some when a person eats in tons but he or she stays slim.

When compared to females, males have higher metabolic rate to females because of testosterone or male hormones. As we know testosterone is responsible for all the so-called “manly matters” among the men’s physiological aspect. It includes the growth of muscles. And by nature, males are born with more muscles than females. This makes them have higher metabolic rates than the females who have estrogen and progesterone as sex hormones. Back in the day when men all worked physically hard this all made sense. But not so much today, when we live a much less physical lifestyle.

As we age, it gets worse. Adults have lower metabolic rates than infants, children and teenagers. This is because of the fact that the latter age groups have more active growth hormones in their stage of life. Actually, research show that human growth hormone is not prescribed for matured adults because they will just suffer from negative consequences. This is only prescribed for children that are not of normal growing rate.An argument for not using steroids.

Is there also an increase of metabolic rates for females?

Women have higher metabolic rates when they are pregnant and more when they are breastfeeding. However, this plunges down when they menopause. For them to maintain higher-than-normal metabolic rates, daily exercise would be a huge help. Doing so would increase the amount of muscles so, metabolic rate is increased too. So a stroll around the block is a good thing.

Is exercising in the evening better than other times of the day?

It does not matter at all. No research studies show that the time of the day affects the effect of the exercise to the body. Doing it whenever you are free and comfortable is always the best idea. Doing it three to five times a week would indeed give you better results.

If you are still bothered why your skinny big-eater friend looks like as if he eats nothing, then there are some answers. It has to do with the types of foods we eat. And whether we eat too much of the foods that have hidden ingredients that we may be allergic to or even be just intolerant to. Foods that we don’t know are keeping us fatter that we want to be. In another post, I’ll write about these.

For now, we just have to accept that wee are different. There’s no “one size fits all”

Ah well. Time for a walk.

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